Flat Fee Virtual Mediation with an Experienced Divorce Mediator, starting at $750.00.



Doing it to save your time and money and not as a response to COVID-19.

Flat Fee Virtual Mediation with an Experienced Divorce Mediator, starting at $750.00 Flat Fee.

  • Included in each Mediation: (1) Weekly mediation appointments.  (2) A typed agreement updated within 24-48 Hours of each mediation session.  (3) Typically a complete agreement is 20 to 50 pages and can be completed in as little as 2-3 weekly meetings after the initial free consultation, with all issues resolved, prepared by our mediators and ready for your signature or, if you have an attorney, for their review.  (4)  Schedule your mediation appointments around your schedule and pick the location for your mediation appointment where you feel comfortable.  Click

    Same Day Virtual Divorce Mediation Appointments Now Available!   We are now offering same day free initial divorce mediation consultations to our clients. What this means is that if you and your spouse would like an appointment with us for a free consultation, you can simply contact us and schedule it for as soon as the very same day. We are the the first divorce mediation company in our region offering virtual divorce mediation free consultations on same day service.  Click here to schedule now.


    Are you and your spouse in different Cities, States or Countries?  That is not a problem.   Participate in Online Divorce Mediation from anywhere there is cellphone or internet access!

Flat Fee Virtual Mediation with an Experienced Divorce Mediator, starting at
raditional Office Mediation Flat Fee of $2,500.00.

  • Begin the process now by requesting a free virtual initial consultation with a mediator by clicking here.
  • Meet with your spouse and the mediator every 7 days.
  • Pick a time that is convenient to meet every time.  No more missing work or hiring child care to waste time driving to and from courts and lawyers offices.
  • Meet from any place you feel comfortable and at ease.
  • Get the up to date drafted mediation agreement by email  Within 24-48 Hours  after Every Mediation Appointment!  Don’t pay thousands of dollars to wait for weeks on end for drafts of the agreements that you have paid for.


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    Learn about our low-cost alternatives to divorce litigation

    Mediation can be successfully performed in one to three meetings.  After successful mediation, your written agreement forms the foundation for an uncontested divorce.   Mediation is done with one paid professional, a mediator, rather than with two lawyers in litigation.  The decision how to resolve your marital issues is yours and your spouses.  No Courts or Lawyers, who no very little about you or your famiy, are making decisions for you and your family.

    One mediator’s hourly rate is far less than the combined hourly rate of two attorneys.  In mediation, you and your spouse speak directly to each other in the same room and attempt to reason with each other with the assistance of a mediator who makes suggestions and guides the discussion toward resolution.

    In divorce litigation, you speak only through attorneys who may have an interest in enriching their firms’ banks accounts and prolonging litigation. You can control mediation and can listen to each other directly with the guidance and assistance of a mediator.

    Attractive rates for skilled divorce mediator in Buffalo, NY and the surrounding communities in Western New York (WNY).

    Informed Divorcing Clients use our mediation services to arrive at a property settlement, separation agreement and parenting plan before they file for uncontested divorce. The typical process and fee for divorce mediation is as follows:

    • Free brief initial consultation available in most cases.
    • Online Divorce Mediation option starting at $750.00 We do not do mediations for more than $2,500.00.  Don’t pay an hourly fee for your mediator.
      Every Divorce Mediation includes a full and complete typed  agreement, typically 20 to 50 pages, prepared by our mediators after, up dated after each mediation session, and emailed to you with in 24-48 hours of each Divorce Mediation Session.
    • Estimate of typical (WNY) regional fees and costs of an uncontested default divorce after a successful mediation are a fraction of the costs and fees of two lawyers in contested divorce litigation.
    • Meet with your spouse and the mediator every 7 days, quickly moving toward  a solution and avoiding the long and costly delays of court proceesings.
    • Pick a time that is convenient to meet for you and your spouse.  Meet on your time, when it’s convenient to you.
    • Meet from any place you feel comfortable and at ease.

    By choosing mediation, you have greater control over how long the process lasts. In turn, this allows you to exercise greater control over your costs and reducing the stress and emotional impact of contested litigation, lawyers, judges, uncertainty and unnecessary out of control expenses. Ultimately, how much you spend depends on how well you and your spouse cooperate, and how complex your marital issues really are.  Our mediators are qualified by training and experience to guide your talks past even the toughest impasses.

    Take control of your divorce mediation back from lawyers and the courts and plan for yours and your family’s future today.

    Our mediation service offers a positive step towards resolving your divorce amicably and cost-effectively. Call Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation for a free initial consultation.  Call or Text us at 1-716-404-4140 or contact us online. An experienced mediator is waiting to discuss how divorce mediation will benefit you and your family. Evening and weekend appointments are available, 7 days/week.

    Online Divorce Mediation

    Online Divorce Mediation Solution

    Divorce is difficult.  Don’t make it more difficult than it already is.  Using everyday technology will make your divorce less difficult and it does not have to involve you spending tens of thousands of dollars.

    If you have decided that divorce is the only solution, please consider using our Virtual Divorce Mediation Solution or our Traditional Office Based Mediation.  I am confident that it will meet your needs because:


    • It fits your time and your schedule, not that of others.
    • You can meet with me from anywhere – Home, Office, Your Car …. anywhere there is a phone or internet access or both.
    • It even works when it is impossible for couples to be in the same room as each other.
    • You will receive clear simple directions along the way of how to participate in our Virtual Mediation.

    Considering using our Virtual Mediation Solution requires you to think of divorce in a different way.  It is a process that you can work through in a thoughtful way, using easily accessible technology, that will help make the process less stressful on you.

    Those that benefit from Virtual Divorce Mediation are:

    • Professional with limited time-  There is no need for you to schedule trips and travel to your attorney’s office, the court or even to the mediator.  Since your not wasting time on unnecessary travel and appointments the divorce process timeline will move much quicker.
    • Busy Parents-  Parents typically run non stop attending to work and the needs of their children.  Virtual Divorce Mediation will help you fit the mediation process in your busy schedule.
    • Those in high conflict relationships-  Virtual Mediation can keep you and your spouse apart and you can have resolution with much less conflict.
    • Those in Different Locations-  If you or your spouses have moved to different towns or even different states, Virtual Mediation will save you time and money in contrast to using a traditional local mediator.

    If you would like more information how the Virtual Divorce Mediation process works please contact us.  Thank you.  John.

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