Client Intake Form – Part I Basic Information


  • Is Mediation Right For You?  We encourage you to ask your self these two questions.
    First, can I work with my spouse cooperatively, with the assistance of a mediator, and negotiate an agreement and save the costly expenses of contested divorce litigation? 
    , has my contested divorce litigation stalled or gone out of control and can I work with my spouse cooperatively with the assistance of a mediator.  If you answered yes to either of these questions it may be time to mediate your divorce and negotiate an agreement directly with your spouse and save the ongoing costly expenses of contested divorce litigation!
  • Notice:  At the Initial Free Consultation You, Your Spouse and the Mediator will complete and submit the below Intake form together.  Your mediator, within 24 hours of that initial consultation, will then prepare a Complementary beginning draft of you mediated agreement.  If you decide to retain us as your mediator we will continue adding onto that agreement until it is complete.  If you choose not to retain us, keep the beginning draft on us and use it as you like.

Client Intake Form - Part I Basic Information


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