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Elma, NY 14068 – Divorce Mediation: 716-404-4140

Elma, NY 14068
Divorce Mediation:

Divorce Mediation:
Mediation offers couples professional guidance in the process for dividing their lives up so that they can each start fresh on a new path with dignity, compassion,  and a head held high.  It is likely that you have never been divorced before and you probably won’t again. By having professional guidance through the divorce process you will have the incite to avoid mistakes, limit the expenses and costly acremonium of a contested divorce proceeding and most importantly resolve your divorce in a supportive and amicable manner.

Six Similar Goals:  These are common goals whether you are in Mediation or Litigation to resolve your divorce.

  1. Distribution of Property (Assets and Liabilities) (Marital and Non-Marital)
  2. Child Custody and Parenting Time (Commonly referred to as a Parenting Plan)
  3. Child Support and Spousal Maintenance
  4. Distribution of Retirement Assets
  5. Resolve Income Tax and Health Insurance Issues.
  6. Put the agreement in writing and sign it.

The Differences


  • In mediation, couples work together with a mediator to work out an agreement on the above  basic issues.
  • Mediation takes several months while litigation often can take several years.
  • Mediation costs typically are a few thousands of dollars while litigation costs are several of ten thousands of dollars.
  • In mediation, spouses are in control of their own future and their children’s future, rather than Courts, Judges, and Attorneys.
  • Mediation provides an effective way for couples to work together with the help of a neutral professional to resolve their differences in an amicable and cost-effective way.
  • Mediation is flexible, confidential, can be informal and is less stressful.
  • A divorce mediator is neutral and doesn’t “work” just for one spouse or the other.
  • Mediation is more cost-effective.  “In 2005, the average mediated case cost $3000 and was settled in 90 days. In turn, the average litigated case in the courts cost $15,000 and took 18 months to settle.”

Mediator’s Job:

  • Keeping the discussion going focusing on resolving core issues.
  • Maintaining a positive and productive atmosphere to help the couple resolve their disagreements and reach a solution.
  • Providing professional and technical insight into the process, its goals, and alternative ways to settle the complicated issues the couple is faced with.  Often this is done by brainstorming with the mediator quickly providing alternatives that the couple may have not even considered.
  • When divorcing couples get off track and away from the above issues during mediation, arguing, name-calling and bad prior memories are brought up and the mediator helps to avoid this.
  • Mediators put the couple’s agreement into a writing that the couple will ultimately sign.  This is commonly referred to as a property settlement and separation agreement with or without a parenting plan.  This agreement will be the basis of how the couple will live in the future, separated from one another.

Mediators Cannot:

  • A mediator cannot and does not  “work” for one party or the other.  Attorney’s work for only one party and only have that parties interest at stake.
  • Mediators do not file lawsuits in court.  Although mediators may be attorney’s, if they act as a mediator for both couples, they need to avoid any idea that they are.  Attorney’s must Fully Disclose that they are “really only representing one party or the other.”


At BuffalyNYDivorceMediation the first consultation is free. If you would like to schedule an appointment with us please click (Schedule Mediation).  This can be done in our office or virtually using our remote online video conferencing solution that is simple to use.


The communities in which work to provide Divorce Mediation include:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the mediation process take?
After each person has had a private consultation and they and the Buffalo NY Mediation agree whether or not to proceed with mediation, most people complete the mediation process in 2-5 sessions. People determine the number of sessions needed based on how quickly they can gather information and make decisions. When information has been gathered and all decisions made, The mediator will draft an agreement for both parties, outlining a parenting plan, equitable distribution of assets, child support, and spousal maintenance/alimony.
How can we prepare for mediation?
Gather relevant materials such as mortgage documents, tax returns, and pension information. Research procedures for separating joint accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, etc.

How will the mediators help us?
Divorce mediators are professionals with extensive training in mediation and New York State divorce requirements. They help participants discuss issues and can provide information when appropriate. The mediator’s role is to help people have the conversations they need to have to move through the divorce process. The mediator can often help people think about their situation in new and different ways and help them prioritize the issues for discussion according to their individual circumstances.

How much does it cost?
The fees charged are for the following:

  • Consultation appointments,
  • Mediation sessions either on an hourly or flat fee basis
  • Drafting of the Agreement
  • Fees are paid at the time of service.

How do I begin the divorce mediation process?
Contact Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation for a private and confidential in-person consultation. Each party must call to set up his or her confidential appointment. Call us at 716-404-4140

Elma, NY 14068
Divorce Mediation: