Divorce Mediation On Line Virtual

Online mediation option Flat Fee $750.00 to $2,500.00.

ONLINE – Divorce Mediation That Fits Your Busy Life!  Buffalo, NY – No Outrageous Hourly Fees

  • On-Line Or In-Office mediation option FLAT FEE  $750.00 to $2,500.00
    – NO HOURLY CHARGES – Like “Lawyer” Mediators Typically Charge

  • Meet with your spouse and the mediator every 7 days.
  • Pick a time that is convenient to meet for you and your spouse.
  • Meet from any place you feel comfortable and at ease.
    There is little time left over in your day after your demanding jobs, managing the house, and providing for the kids’ homework and activities.  There isn’t enough time in the day.  That leaves no time to put toward the complicated divorce and separation talk that you and your spouse have to have.   there’s no doubt you’re strapped for time.  Now take your already hectic life, and add a divorce into the mix. offers a convenient way to have that conversation, ON LINE, with your spouse and an experienced divorce mediator.  Yes the concept sounds appealing, but I am sure your hesitant to consider using our ON LINE service.  But consider, this is not a “Quickie” online way to resolve your divorce.  It’s a realization that you likely have more technology at your fingertips than anyone in history has ever had.   You should use that technology to make yours and your family’s life better.

Unlike other Mediators we have been doing virtual divorce mediations since 2017.  We did not start doing them in response to the COVID pandemic. 

What you and your spouse have already decided is that you want to mediate because you agree that mediation will get you a fair and thorough agreement tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.  You have each decided that you don’t want to waste your valuable time and limited financial resources by hiring two attorneys’ and wasting your money on constantly going to and from court.

Given your limited time you’re not sure you will have time to meet with a mediator.  This has left you asking yourself, “Is there any divorce option that combines the convenience of only hiring one professional to help us together to put together an agreement on our time and which provides a quality and thoughtful resolution to our divorce and family issues.

The answer is YES!  ON – LINE Divorce Mediation with Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation does.  Please call us today to discuss how we can assist you or Schedule your Free Initial Consultation Now!  Click Here.