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Online Virtual Divorce Mediation Solution

Flat Fee of – $2,500.00 or Less.  Get Started for as little as $1,000.00 down.

Divorce is difficult.  Don’t make it more difficult than it already is.  Using everyday technology will make your divorce less difficult and it does not have to involve you spending tens of thousands of dollars.

If you have decided that divorce is the only solution, please consider using our Virtual Divorce Mediation Solution or our Traditional Office Based Mediation.  I am confident that it will meet your needs because:


  • It fits your time and your schedule, not that of others.
  • You can meet with me from anywhere – Home, Office, Your Car …. anywhere there is a phone or internet access or both.
  • It even works when it is impossible for couples to be in the same room as each other.
  • You will receive clear simple directions along the way of how to participate in our Virtual Mediation.

Considering using our Virtual Mediation Solution requires you to think of divorce in a different way.  It is a process that you can work through in a thoughtful way, using easily accessible technology, that will help make the process less stressful on you.

Those that benefit from Virtual Divorce Mediation are:

  • Professional with limited time-  There is no need for you to schedule trips and travel to your attorney’s office, the court or even to the mediator.  Since your not wasting time on unnecessary travel and appointments the divorce process timeline will move much quicker.
  • Busy Parents-  Parents typically run non stop attending to work and the needs of their children.  Virtual Divorce Mediation will help you fit the mediation process in your busy schedule.
  • Those in high conflict relationships-  Virtual Mediation can keep you and your spouse apart and you can have resolution with much less conflict.
  • Those in Different Locations-  If you or your spouses have moved to different towns or even different states, Virtual Mediation will save you time and money in contrast to using a traditional local mediator.

If you would like more information how the Virtual Divorce Mediation process works please contact us.  Thank you.  John.

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