Virtual Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127 1-716-404-4140 ext. 2


Virtual Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127
1-716-404-4140 ext. 2
Virtual Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127 1-716-404-4140 ext. 2

Virtual Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127
“BuffaloNYDivorceMediation.COM – First in WNY to Offer Online Virtual Divorce Mediation.”

One-way technology is disrupting the divorce business!

Everyone knows or has an idea how they can get married, right?  They can go to the local justice of the peace or a clergy in their local town like, Orchard Park, NY 14127 or anywhere around the world.  Couples seeking to get married can find a seemingly limitless number of people and businesses that will help them tie the knot.  This seems to increase on a daily basis.

How does a couple in Orchard Park, NY 14127 get out of being married when a marriage doesn’t work out?  When people start talking about divorce, typically their thoughts wander to courts, judges in robes, lawyers in suits, huge bills and people ready to fight and battle one another for their assets.  If there are children, their thoughts wander that much more.  Time taken off of work, daycare for the kids’ countless hours wasted going to and from lawyers offices and courts at inconvenient times are all the realities that await a couple trying to become unmarried.

Having these dire thoughts about the divorce process is not entirely fair.  The process of divorce has evolved and today everyone is trying to make it a more economically affordable, less contentious and streamlined process.  The result is that there are new and improved ways of getting divorced that incorporate methods other than litigation and use the gee-whiz technology that is at your finger tips.

Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127

Divorce mediation is one of the new and improved ways dissatisfied couples find a mutually amicable way to part.  On the dawn of a historical technical revolution, that we have seen in the past decade years, another enhancement that can and should come is the advent of virtual divorce mediation. But why? That’s because the benefits of virtual divorce mediation in Orchard Park, NY 14127 offers unhappy couples game changing approaches to resolving their differences marshalling every day technologies that have only recently come available to everyone making the whole process more affordable and less stressful.
Virtual Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127 1-716-404-4140 ext. 2


Typically divorce mediation is a straight forward process that can be simple enough for two people to complete with a little bit of assistance.  When you factor in the availability of virtual divorce mediation in Orchard Park, NY 14127, that is now available with our office, you add a virtual element that couples find very convenient.  The virtual element means that the spouses wouldn’t have to be in the same vicinity, or even country, to mediate with one another in the presence of a mediator.  It can all be done online as each of the spouses continues to go their own separate ways.  At Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation we are committed to have mediation sessions weekly until we reach a final mediated agreement. 


It is no secret that divorce mediation is best for spouses that are and can cooperate with each other, to seek a common goal.  Those goals being to keep costs down, maintain as best a relationship with each other as possible, resolve differences quickly and move on with each of their lives. However, the use of virtual divorce mediation in Orchard Park, NY 14127 can assist with that. With virtual mediation even two warring spouses that hate each other to bits will be able to work with one another for a better future, knowing that they are not in each other’s dreaded company. Within 24 hours of each mediation session you will receive a copy of the mediated agreement drafted up to that point in the process.


Anyone that says divorce is easy should not be believed.  No matter what type the divorce, you will experience regret, pain or guilt that the relationship is ending.  There will be a sense of loss and fear of the unknown as well.  But, virtual divorce mediation in Orchard Park, NY 14127 can help you become comfortable with the mediation proceedings that you participate in from where you are comfortable.  That could be your home, office or any other place where you are at your most comfortable.

Technology Smart:

The world is changing fast.  Phones and computer networks are constantly becoming faster and smarter.  Technology companies outpace the growth old guard companies every day.  The same case applies here with divorce.  Litigation is not the only way anymore to settle the disputes and disagreements between you and your spouse.  Virtual divorce mediation in Orchard Park, NY 14127 is now available to divorcing couples.  Tech savvy couples know how to use the latest technologies to make their life easier and less complicated.  Why shouldn’t that use is when they are divorcing as well?

Buffalo NY Divorce Mediators offers the option of virtual divorce mediation in Orchard Park, NY 14127 for the convenience of the parties.  If you want to learn more please call, email, text or chat with us on line.

Virtual Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127
“BuffaloNYDivorceMediation.COM – First in WNY to Offer Online Virtual Divorce Mediation.”

Virtual Divorce Mediation| Orchard Park, NY 14127 – 1-716-404-4140 ext. 2

Amherst, NY 14260 – Divorce Mediation: 716-404-4140


Amherst, NY 14260 – Divorce Mediation:

We are available to talk to you about Divorce Mediation any time of the day or night, to answer a question or schedule an appointment to meet with you.  Please don’t hesitate to call 716-404-4140 whenever you are ready.

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Divorce Mediation:

Mediation offers couples professional guidance in the process for dividing their lives up so that they can each start fresh on a new path with dignity, compassion,  and a head held high.  It is likely that you have never been divorced before and you probably won’t again.   By having professional guidance through the divorce process you will have the incite to avoid mistakes, limit the expenses and costly acremonium of a contested divorce proceeding and most importantly resolve your divorce in a supportive and amicable manner.   Successful divorce mediation will result in an uncontested divorce.  You will have successfully avoided a contested divorce, the tension, and arguments that accompany it as well as the high expense of contested matrimonial proceedings.   Our mediation process helps both of you move on to a fresh start with the hope that you’ll remain friends.

Because of the process of Mediation which requires cooperation and understanding, you will find that there are other benefits.

  • Less expensive than traditionally contested divorces.
  • Preservation of relationships with your ex-spouse, children, in-laws, and friends.
  • Personalized and individualized agreement.
  • Faster allowing you to begin new chapters in your lives.

What we discuss at Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation:

  • Child Custody and Parenting Plans
  • Division and Equitable Distribution of Property (Assets and Liabilities)
  • Child Support and Maintenance (Spousal Support)
  • Retirement Accounts and Taxes
  • Costs to Implement your Agreement
  • Discussion of a Five Year Plan including family counseling options.
  • Tax implication and Health Insurance implications of a divorce.

The goal of Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation:

It is our job to guide you through the process of a divorce with the ultimate goal of creating a mutually agreed upon written agreement that will become the terms of your divorce.  The process of actually becoming divorce takes place after the agreement is in place between you and occurs on an uncontested basis.

How is this different than what my attorney could do?

The primary benefit of using Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation is that we don’t represent you or your spouse individually.  It is a joint process where we represent both of you in a secure and confidential manner.  If you or your spouse had an attorney they would be precluded from representing both of you and could only represent one or the other.

A tax, real estate, and degreed professional will assist you in coming to a mutually written agreement as to how you want to resolve your marriage, on your terms and unique to your particular circumstances.

The communities in which work to provide Divorce Mediation include:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the mediation process take?
After each person has had a private consultation and they and the Buffalo NY Mediation agree whether or not to proceed with mediation, most people complete the mediation process in 2-5 sessions. People determine the number of sessions needed based on how quickly they can gather information and make decisions. When information has been gathered and all decisions made, The mediator will draft an agreement between both parties, outlining a parenting plan, equitable distribution of assets, child support, and spousal maintenance/alimony.
How can we prepare for mediation?
Gather relevant materials such as mortgage documents, tax returns, and pension information. Research procedures for separating joint accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, etc.

How will the mediators help us?
Divorce mediators are professionals with extensive training in mediation and New York State divorce requirements. They help participants discuss issues and can provide information when appropriate. The mediator’s role is to help people have the conversations they need to have to move through the divorce process. The mediator can often help people think about their situation in new and different ways and help them prioritize the issues for discussion according to their individual circumstances.

How much does it cost?
The fees charged are for the following:

  • FREE Initial Consultation.
  • Consultation appointments.
  • Mediation sessions either on an hourly or flat fee basis.
  • Drafting of the Agreement.
  • Fees are paid at the time of service.

How do I begin the divorce mediation process?
Contact Buffalo NY Divorce Mediation for a private and confidential in-person consultation. Each party must call to set up his or her confidential appointment. Call us at 716-404-4140.

Amherst, NY 14260 – Divorce Mediation: